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Features, Advantages, & Benefits

Features, Advantages, and Benefits (FABs) are the components to communicate persuasively.

Feature: A characteristic of your product, service, company, or self.

Advantage: Explains how your Feature meets the Functional needs of what the product does better than competing ways.

Benefit: What the customer gets that meets their Business and Human Needs.

For example:

Feature: Plastic

Advantage: Won’t rust

Benefit: Few replacements caused by rust

FABs are irrefutably logical. You can say them in any order, and they’ll make sense. For example, “You can lower your budget for replacements damaged due to rust by using our plastic versions that won’t rust.” Or, “Getting versions that won’t rust, such as those made from plastic, will definitely lower your replacement budget.”

Learn your product knowledge, especially your Unique Selling Points using FABs. Why? Because the missing Advantages and Benefits become the signs and symptoms that point to the fact that the customer doesn’t have the Feature that provides them.

For example, if you know the customer is using, let’s say, containers made of steel, then you know rust will most likely be an issue, even if they’re coated or painted.  So, you simply ask the appropriate prospect about their concerns related to the costs of replacing containers due to rust. “Since you’re using steel containers and those are leaving rust stains and have to be periodically replaced, what are your concerns about seeing that replacement budget increase as sales increase? What about the costs associated with cleaning the rust stains? How do rusting containers sit with your customers?

Take the list of Unique Selling Points you learned about (from the earlier blog) and convert them into FABs. Next, to the Advantages and Benefits, identify what you would see if the customer does not have them.

Now you have a way to get your prospect’s attention and prevent initial contact objections such as, “Not Interested,” “Already have someone,” “Just send me your literature.” Focus on the signs and symptoms. More to come in future blogs.

Features, Advantages, Benefits

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