General Strategy to Negotiate Unanswerable Objections

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The primary source for the objections you get come from your competitors' strengths. So, when you're conducting or updating your competitor analysis, it's not uncommon to come across competitors' strengths that are difficult to neutralize using a similar strength you can offer.

Objections you cannot directly neutralize (yeah, we do that too), become the "unanswerable" objections. To counter the weight of these objections, you'll need to identify which of your Unique Selling Points the customer would take to offset this competitor's specific strength. Like a balance scale, you have to continue adding your USPs to your side until the value they bring tips the scale in your favor.

How To:

All the trade-off negotiation "phrases of persuasion" are based on some combination of the "either-or" questions or the "this or that" type questions.

For example, "Do you want this (something you can't provide) or that, that, and that (which are USPs you can provide)?

"That's a valid concern some of our customers have is with the ______. So, to compensate we ___, ____, and ____. How do you see that working for you?"

Some of the general ways to do this:

1. Change the Standard – time versus distance; color-coded parts versus molded code, intuitive versus comprehensive; price to get versus the cost to use, and so on.

2. Urgency – do you want this one now, or are you willing to wait a few weeks to get the one you really want?

You can also use value, priority, emotion, and others to carry out this strategy. Pick what fits for what you sell.

This blog's content comes from Chapter 5: Skills Common to Negotiating All Unanswerable Objections in the Objection Free Selling book.

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